Vector Stock Helper 2.0 (Last build: 2.0.0)

Vector Stock Helper is a free Illustrator script for MAC/PC that help vector artist to check, clean, and export vector files ready for stock.

A powerful tool that simplify all the hard work, and help the Artist to avoid rejections due technical problems.



  • MAC/PC compatible (Adobe illustrator CS3,CS4,CS5,CS6,CC)
  • Check document for all EPS AI8/AI10 incompatibilities (open shapes, stray points, Items outside the artboard, closed and stroked paths, linked items, raster items, transparency effects, transparent layers, JPEG preview size, uncolored items, white or uncolored box used as background)
  • Cleanup document to reduce file size and make the document more user friendly (Delete empty layers, delete guides, delete uncolored items, delete paterns, symbols and graphics styles, delete unused swatches, add used colors as global swatches, unlock and unhide layers)
  • Export JPEG (.jpg) and EPS (.eps) AI8 or AI10 required files. Optional files: AI CS3 (.ai), PDF v.7 (.pdf), PNG image(.png) and PSD image (.psd)
  • Metadata manager to add Title, description and keyword to the exported raster files.
  • Configurable image size for exported files. (option to automatic set the minimum size required to match iStockPhoto JPEG preview standar)
  • Easy of use User Interface with fully configurable settings.

How to use the script:

  • Open a Document in illustrator to use the script. (Please keep a copy of your illustration file before use the script) and run the script from the menu File > Scripts > Stock_Export_Helper_v2.0.0
  • Select the folder that you like to export the files.
  • Insert the name for the exported files.
  • Select the files type you like to export.
  • Select the options you like for checking and cleaning up the illustration and file Metadata.
  • Click ‘Save’ button to save your files (you can bypass check and clean up the document on save if you like, turning off the checkboxes from “On Save options” panel) If the illustration was Ok to upload, the script will save all the files selected (eps,jpg,ai,pdf,png,psd) to the selected folder.
  • Click ‘Check’ or ‘Clean up’ buttons to check or clean up the document without export the files.
  • If the script detect some incompatibilities for EPS AI8/AI10, a dialog windows will show you all the errors found. When you close this dialog all error items will be selected for you for easy identification.

Installation instruction:

  • Close Illustrator
  • Download, unzip and copy the script file (Stock_Export_Helper_v2.0.0.jsx) in the Adobe Illustrator “…/Presets/Scripts” folder.
  • Open Illustrator, the script will appear in File > Scripts submenu.

Bug Report:

You can report any bugs or problems you may have found using the contact form

Plese inform the OS and Illustrator version that you were using and write a clear incident description: What were you doing or intended to do? What are your script settings?

If you have recieved an Error, please report the Error number/code and description